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Terms and Conditions of Use is intended as a public resource for everyone to participate in and enjoy. Members may freely post content that they wish to remember and/or share with their friends, family, or the general public. We advise our members to keep in mind that, being a public resource, certain courtesies should be extended to other users of this great resource. Please refrain from posting inappropriate content that may be found offensive to certain groups of people or a particular individual.


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We reserve the right to remove content posted by QuoteBoards’ members which we deem inappropriate. Objectional content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Illegal material: any reference to illegal or illicit activities, promoting/encouraging illegal behavior, or distributing of illegal materials (i.e. computer programs and other pirated material)
  • Pornographic material: anything that has an adult or sexually-oriented theme, or any other obscene content
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