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  • I learned an important lesson when I wanted to become a better seimmer – I thought swimming farether and faster was just a matter of trying harder, training harder. I would thrash madly through the water, but was left exhausted. When I learned that the water can actually push you up and help you float, it became much easier to glide through it. I relaxed, stopped trying to force things, and learned to swim better with less effort.

    Life is like this. Life is water, and we tend to push too hard, thrash about, force things, struggle. Instead, learn to float, learn to allow things to become effortless. You’ll get farther and life will be that much more pleasant.

    Speaker: Leo Babauta
    Source: Thriving on Less
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    Posted: 09 Feb 2014 at 5:22 PM
    Posted By: Puck
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