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  • Well, when the only thing left for you is to insult others over their choice of words/terms, then you’ve lost the plot.

    Early on in this life, my Mother instructed me to be possessing of both a dictionary and a thesaurus, in order that I not bother her so often with questions regarding the words and terms I might happen upon in the books I would be perusing.

    One simply develops good habits early on in life! The remedial happens later …

    And, no, I possess no such thing as a “Word of the Day” calendar, inasmuch that I have no need for such.

    If my vocabulary offends you, then perhaps you should think about taking it under your advisement to acquire several new words and terms daily, in order that >YOU TOO< will come to appreciate communicating with others, using an economy of words.

    Why waste a page of space, when one might communicate the whole of an essential idea in perhaps a mere paragraph?

    And besides: The ability of a man to cogitate at length about any particular subject, requires that he be as fully assessed of the lexicon of his native language as possible, in order that his thought processes are fully enabled to incorporate whatever thought might be introduced.

    You see? What you miss here is just this: The man with the smallest vocabulary also has least ability to think about things, inasmuch that he has not the ability to express his thoughts, save through the most primitive of ways.

    The extent of a man’s intellectual capital is enriched through his acquisition of knowledge: The more he knows, the more he understands what he doesn’t know.

    Speaker: Highlander
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    Posted: 28 Oct 2008 at 11:08 PM
    Posted By: wheaties